I am pleased to offer the following object technology training:

Please click here to download a PDF overview of ObjectStart's training offerings.


I teach all of my courses on a fixed price basis. For a maximum enrollment of 16 students, the price per seat for a four-day workshop is only $750 as compared with tuition of $2,000 or more per student to send them to a comparable vendor-sponsored course*. This represents a savings of up to $20,000 per course!

* Based on the price per student of $2,390 for Learning Tree’s 4-day "Hands-On Java Programming" course (471) as of January 7, 2005.

If you would be interested in learning more about any of these courses, and in particular receiving a no-obligation quotation, please drop me an email message, as I would be pleased to discuss your organization's training requirements with you: jacquie@objectstart.com