The Meecies!!!
The Meecies came to live with Jacquie, Steve, Kwid, and Grode on February 26th, 2006. They travelled all the way to Fairfax, Virginia from Serendipity Rodentry in Delaware. (Jacquie drove 240 miles round trip to get them -- and it was well worth it!!!)

There are three sister meecies named Smudge, Ashes, and Dot. Jacquie is working on taking their pictures, but it is HARD to get little meecies to sit still long enough! Most photos turn out to be little blurs as shown in the photo to the right ...

At any rate, here is my best attempt at featuring ... The Meecies!!!



Dot's Dot!

(Reserved for photo of Ashes ... IF she ever sits still!)

The "Meecie Mansion"

The terrarium that I'm using (designed for turtles!) is a wonderful mouse habitat! It has lots of room for the
meecie girls to run around in, is very easy to clean, and is both escape-proof and Kwid-proof! :o)
(I've replaced the slide-in screen top with a plexiglas sheet with holes drilled into it to make it even sturdier.)

Please use Google to search for "Herp Habitat" (made by Lee's).
More to come later ... please visit again!

Best regards,

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