Dear Fellow Instructors,

The material in my book is based on an Object-Oriented Programming course that I teach as an adjunct faculty member at The George Washington University. This material is equally well suited for use as the basis of an Advanced Placement (AP) high-school level programming course, and can be covered in a variety of ways: One significant advantage of using my book as a textbook is that it uses a consistent case study as the basis for object concepts, object modeling, and Java programming. Students can actually see how an object model evolves from a requirements specification, and how that same object model translates into a working Java application, something that few other books present.

If you are a professor or instructor who has adopted -- or who is willing to consider adopting -- my book as a textbook, I would love to hear from you! I have considerable teaching materials that I'd be happy to share. Also, if you come up with a particularly effective approach or idea for how my book can be used in an academic setting, I'd welcome the opportunity to share it with others through this web page. Please drop me a note at

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Please keep an eye on this page for new ideas in months to come.