On-Site Training: Please follow this link for information about the affordable on-site training that I offer on object technologies. For as little as $750 per student (class size: 16 students), your team can be "jump started" with object modeling; Java programming; or J2EE!

Since virtually all Government contractors are facing the same dilemma -- high demands for Java skilled software engineers from our Government client base, with nobody to fill the positions -- many Government contractors are turning to "plan B": retooling legacy software engineers who have solid skills in non-OO languages (such as Fortran, or Cobol, or C) in Java, objects, and J2EE.

Let ObjectStart help your company to do the same!!!

My newest book, Taming the Technology Tidal Wave, is now available!!! This light-hearted career guide for IT professionals (a.k.a. "techies") offers practical tips on how to maintain leading-edge technical skills -- and your sanity! ;o) -- amidst the ever-increasing "flood" of new technologies. If you are feeling overwhelmed by how fast technology continues to advance, this is the book for you!

To order a copy, or for more information, please visit techtidalwave.com.

I'm also pleased to announce that the second edition of Beginning Java Objects has been released!!!

B.J.O. is based on timeless principles that are language version independent, which means that it needn't be revised every time a new version of Java is released by Sun Microsystems. That being said, Java version 1.5, aka Java version 5.0, aka J2SE 5, includes some important new features that have significantly increased the power and versatility of Java as an object-oriented programming language. For this reason, we've deemed this to be the right time to freshen B.J.O. in the form of a second edition.

I've also continued to teach the material of B.J.O. since the first edition was published, and as a result of working with many students in both university and corporate settings, I've refined my message in important ways. Teaching, as learning, is a work in progress; one's message can never be 100% complete! ;o)

Noteworthy enhancements to B.J.O. as of this edition include:
  • Emphasis on getting hands-on experience with Java much earlier in the book (as of Chapter 2 vs. Chapter 13 of my first edition);

  • A totally new treatment of Java Collections in Chapter 6 to highlight the significant improvements made as of J2SE 5 (plus a new Appendix G to contrast these with the pre-5 way of handling collections);

  • A significantly improved discussion of model data layer separation in Chapter 15, including a conceptual introduction to the JDBC API (used to communicate with relational databases);

  • Greater emphasis on model view separation, including a conceptual introduction to J2EE technology in Chapter 17;

  • Emphasis on several other key enhancements made to the Java language as of J2SE 5, highlighting their significance in OO terms.
To order a copy from Amazon.com, please click here to access their link to the second edition ...

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